Analysis of Retrofitted Structures


Characteristic structures (simple but realistic) will be selected to complement the basic analysis to be conducted as part of Task 2.2. The buildings will be multi-bay multi-story frames, with and without a concrete shear wall. The retrofitting will consist of :

  • – adding (attaching) additional shear wall(s), supported on shallow or deep foundation beams
  • – increasing strength ductility, or stiffness of columns
  • – introducing “in-ground isolation” devices.

A parametric investigation will be conducted aiming at: (a) showing the significance of proper modelling of the foundation by considering the “beyond threshold” (“DARE”) mechanisms; and (b) passing some preliminary judgment on the adequacy and efficiency of various retrofitting schemes and techniques.

The analysis will be extended to consider existing monumental structures that may be prone to experiencing highly nonlinear foundation response under seismic loading. Three types of monuments will be studied : (a) Isolated (multi-drum) columns; (b) Parts of buildings (mainly temples) of the classical antiquity; and (c) slender historic structures such as bell-towers, light houses, minarets, as well as tower-like houses.


Task 6.1. : Retrofitting Existing Buildings
Task 6.2. : Historic Monuments