Compilation of Existing Evidence


Although the proposed research initiative aims at providing a comprehensive methodology of dealing with the “DARE” response of SFSI systems, particular aspects of the overall problem have already been the subject of research. This first Work Package aims at the compilation of the current knowledge on the behaviour of SFSI systems such as:

  • – the seismic rocking of blocks and 1–dof oscillators on rigid and elastic base
  • – the sliding (symmetric and asymmetric) of a block on rigid base
  • – the static moment–rotation response of strip foundations on elastoplastic Winkler springs
  • – the static lateral response of a yielding pile
  • – the static ultimate moment (bearing capacity) of strip and circular foundations.


TASK 1.1. : Compilation from the Literature of Theoretical Studies

TASK 1.2. : Compilation from the Literature of Experimental Studies