Research Group

A competent research team has been assembled to complement the Principal Investigator (PI). Including top quality of both experienced and younger researchers it ensures an ingenious combination of wisdom, creativity and inspiration.

The research group comprises 8 senior researchers (5 Professors, 1 Associate Professor and 2 Assistant Profesors), 6 post-doctoral and 6 doctoral students.

Under the constant supervision of the PI, the senior team members are responsible for the execution of their respective sub-tasks according to their particular fields of expertise. The core of the Research Team has been already established and the effective cooperation of its members has been verified by their common participation in various Research Projects so far, while the quality of the conducted research may be judged based on the achieved publication record.

The Principal Investigator


Key Team Members

A. Pecker, N. Makris, E. Vintzileou
I. Psycharis, E. Sapountzakis, N. Gerolymos, I. Anastasopoulos
V. Drosos, R. Kourkoulis, F. Gelagoti, I. Engin-Bal, E. Smyrou, E. Garini

Also participating in the program are doctoral candidates

A. Zafeirakos, S. Giannakos, P. Tasiopoulou, M. Loli

A. Kampitsis, K. Manoledaki