Alain Pecker (Professor, ENPC)

He is the President of the engineering consulting firm Géodynamique et Structure. He is the author of 150 technical papers and has received several awards, including his election as a Member of the French National Academy of Technologies in 2000. His enormous record of contributions in international major projects has brought him face-to-face with engineering challenges requiring innovative state-of-the-art solutions and techniques. His research interests lie in soil dynamics, liquefaction, wave propagation, soil-structure interaction and foundation engineering. He has been consultant to worldwide major civil engineering projects in seismic areas, most notably the Vasco de Gama bridge in Lisbon, and the Rion-Antirion bridge in Greece. During the design of the foundations of the latter, he introduced in earthquake foundation engineering a new innovative concept, already known in structural engineering as “capacity” design. To this end, he developed a dynamic macro-element which takes into account the soil-structure interaction non-linearities occurring at foundation level. His cooperation with Prof. Gazetas dates since 1988,.when they acted as co-panelists at the Eurocode 8 drafting board, and partners in major European Research projects [PREC8, LessLoss, QUAKER] during the last decade. His experience is enhancing the team during the development of sophisticated numerical tools (macro-elements) and the calibration of an integrated procedure of analysis of structure-foundation-soil systems [WP 3, WP 4 and WP8]. His cooperation will be invaluable throughout the project duration.