Numerical Simulation and Analysis


Theoretical modelling with numerical analyses will provide the basic approach, not only to develop an understanding of the physics of the problem(s), but also to provide data for developing simplified analysis methods and to guide the experimental research. Numerical methodologies will include mostly finite element (FE), but also Finite-Difference (FD) and Boundary Element (BE) methods. 2D, axisymmetric, and 3D geometries will be examined, with very refined discretisation, special tensionless contact elements at the soil– footing interface, several inelastic soil constitutive relations, and suitable “transmitting” boundaries will be considered.


Task 2.1. : Plane–Strain (2D) Finite–Element Modelling

Task 2.2. : Effects of Type of Structure

Task 2.3 : Numerical Modelling in 3D