Elli Vintzileou (Professor, NTUA)

She is a member of the drafting board of Eurocodes 6 and 8 and the National Code for Interventions to existing structures. She has participated in 19 National and European research projects related to strengthening of RC structures, as well as to the preservation of historic structures. She has authored 140 papers. Her fields of research involve experimental and analytical work related to the behaviour of historic structures before and after interventions and pre- and post-earthquake strengthening of RC structures. She serves as an expert in matters of retrofitting existing structures, thus exploiting her vast experience in conducting state of the art experimental and analytical research in the field. She is participating in the development of numerical models as well as the setup of shaking table experiments. Her involvement with the project is anticipated to last until the 50th month of the project duration covering the relevant work packages [WP5, WP6 and WP8].