Nikos Gerolymos (Assistant Professor, NTUA)

He has served as an Assistant Professor and previously as a Lecturer in the School of Civil Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens since 2007. He teaches and conducts research in the area of Soil Mechanics, Computational Geotechnics and Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering. In his career, Dr. Gerolymos has co-authored over than 110 scientific publications (25 in refereed journals), and has delivered invited lectures, international seminars, and general reports in international conferences. He has served as a Reviewer of scientific articles for 12 international journals and 8 international and national conferences, and research proposals for the Swiss National Science and the Greek State Scholarships Foundations. He has worked as the Principal Investigator in one and as the Main Researcher in 17 research projects in Greece and the EU, mainly in the area of earthquake geotechnical engineering. He has been involved as a Geotechnical Consultant in more than 60 public engineering projects in Greece, U.S.A., Syria, and Turkey. His vigorous participation throughout the duration of the project mainly concentrates on the development and application of advanced numerical codes and analysis techniques of importance in all Work Packages but with particular application on WP 2, WP3, WP4.